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Employee Handbook

On behalf of the entire team, we welcome you to Ryanada Limited and wish you success here. At Ryanada we believe that every employee contributes directly to the growth and success of the company and we hope you will take pride to be a member of our teams. This Handbook was developed to describe some of the expectations of our employees and to outline policies. 

The employees should thus familiarize themselves with the handbook as soon as possible as it answers most of the questions about employment with Ryanada Limited. This guide will help you better understand our vision for the future of our business and the challenges that is ahead. We hope that your experience here will be challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding. 

Once again, Welcome!

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This course is intended to create a polished customer care representative with in-depth understanding of the elements that constitute a great customer experience. 

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This course details the principles the company hold in very high regard and must be adhered to by all our employees.

Repository for handling various support issues .

Here, you are guided on the standard structure of our calls and the best way to approach/respond to certain issues.